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Sacred Heart of Jesus & saint Anne-2 the-seal-of-the-precious-blood-of-jesus 55e-act-of-contrition-1999-12-22 saint-michel-archange 55c-ten-commandments-b 32-Petite relique du Ciel, version restaurée 2008-12-24 Image miraculeuse de sainte Anne avec un volume 2009 et la Vierge en gris au verso Marie, Porte du Ciel & les Sacrés Coeurs de Jésus et de marie - format 2415 x 1615 39-peinture-de-la-grande-vision-b Page Couverture du volume "LE CRI DE MARIE !" - Avril 2009 ??????????????????????????????????????? Prière en anglais-2 Prière en anglais-1

« A soul who prays is already saved, » said St. Teresa of Avila, and she would have liked to stand on a high mountain to shout to all: « Pray! Pray! Pray! »

Mission of Saint Anne - The Cry of Mary

Colette Coulombe, privileged of saint Anne.

‘The Cry of Mary’,   is the name of the mission.

Saint Anne joins us directly by her little privileged, Ms. Colette Coulombe. She lives in Quebec City. She tells us her story of life and love with saint Anne and Heaven. Since 1990, Saint Anne has entrusted her with a unique mission to make her known, but above all to evangelize in our difficult times when churches get empty and so many souls get lost.

As Colette explained, it is Mary who cried to her mother (Saint Anne); « Mom, come to help me. We are losing the children. » She came to help her daughter Mary to save souls at the end of a time that will be very difficult to live. She reminds us what to do to go to Heaven.

Saint Anne said to Colette:

 « The commandments of God are your passport to Heaven. » 

Saint Anne also reminds us how important are the sacraments of the Church of her Grandson Jesus, especially the PENANCE (confession) and EUCHARIST received in state of grace.  « Remain in State of Grace ! »

Remain in State of Grace

Sainte Anne 

Good Saint Anne, pray for us

There are many healings, conversions and favors obtained by the mission who comes from Heaven and who gives much fruits. See messages, locutions and visions. Lots of videos and documents to see.

adresse courriel

Ms. Colette Coulombe  was 88 years old last summer, 2018. The mission is over since 2013. You can contact me for information. Thanks !    Claude Samson

Sacred Heart of Jesus & saint Anne-2  Seal of the Precious Blood of Jesus-1

Click and save these pictures in your documents. Reproduce these pictures on photo paper at your Photo-Center in the size 4″x6″ and do blessing by a priest. Just go to meet him after the mass. See more pictures on page A3: Click here

These Commandments are your Passport to Heaven

The Beatitudes complete the Commandments of God, but will never replace them!

(For printing on white card stock or paper, both sides)

God's Ten Commandments-a  God's Ten Commandments-b

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 5:17-19.  (Readings of Juin 8, 2016)

Jesus said to his disciples: « Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.

Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.
Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. But whoever obeys and teaches these commandments will be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven. »

God's Ten Commandments-c Image locution 1996-02-17

Just to print on both sides the Black & White model of the Commandments on standard size sheet of paper 8½x11.  


Catechism of the Catholic Church

Sacré Coeur de Jésus  Message of Jesus to His servant Colette

Message of Jesus to Colette for His priest

(translated in details)

« They must teach again the commandments of God, and also the sacraments, especially the PENANCE and EUCHARIST.

While childrens live in sin, many priests are in tepidity and the demon tempts them in different ways.

They don’t love me enough with their heart. They get discouraged and the solitude weighs on them because they forget to talk to me.

I would like them to be more fervent and that they pray.

I want that they tell the truth to christians, they must not fear to lose their friends, I am there to support them. I have chosen them and tell them that I love them so much. »

 – Important Message of Jesus –

Look at the page A4 for the complete text with the détails of the Great Vision on the St-Lawrence river. Click here

Jésus & sainte Anne - image de 1659-3

A book written in 1659 : « The Glory of Saint Anne ».

This book tells the life of Saint Anne, and from page 27, the apparitions of Saint Anne to Yves Nicolasic in Brittany, and the miraculous events that led to the construction of the Basilica of Saint Anne in Ste-Anne d’Auray , in France.

The french used is old and sometimes difficult to read. I transcribed the text of the first part of the book. I suggest to use the translator for reading in English, or directly in this link:

Translator – The Glory of Saint Anne




Consecrating the Drops of Blood which Our Lord lost on His way to Calvary.

To print in shades of gray – In English, adapted from the french copy:

a true letter of our savior jesus christ a true letter of our savior jesus christ x4

(The text at the Bottom of the letter)

   This famous image is called « The Holy Christ of Agony » because it represents the Savior not dead but tortured by the pain of a mortal agony before exhaling on the cross.

   This crucifix is placed above the high altar of the parish church of Limpias, Spain. On many occasions since March 30, 1919, the Holy Christ seems to come alive, and many spectators contemplate his sufferings, his agony, and his death. Sometimes he opens his eyes full of tears, sometimes he turns on one side and the other his head crowned with thorns, sometimes he moves his parched and burning lips.

The miniature model on right (x4) is easier to keep on you, in your wallet or with your chaplet.

You can also read the same text in English in this page: Click Here

Image sainte Anne 2009  Act of Contrition 1999-12-22

Locution of December 22′ 1999.

Sainte Anne said to Colette: « Go and tell to my grand children to say an act of contrition perfect every night before falling asleep. The Father will open the door for His great mercy. Too many souls get lost that He created for His glory. We take all means to get all children of the Father are intended for Heaven and eternity

The Act of Contrition

O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of Heaven, and the pains of Hell; but most of all because I love Thee, my God, Who art all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen.

An exceptional book published in 1819 to read here: Click here

Jeanne Le Royer, or Sister of the Nativity (1731-1798)

JEANNE LE ROYER  Soeur de la Nativité - Jeanne-Le-Royer 1731-1798-b

The prophetic revelations from Jesus Christ to this Sister must be read, for the essential, from page 310 to 472 :

– The Church at the End of the Times & the Antichrist.

– The General Judgment

– The End of the World

– The Resurrection of the bodies at the end !!!

– The Heaven, Purgatory & Hell


– Original text in french: Click here

– Adapted in English: Click here

I did by myself the English version of the Book-1 by the automatic translation and adapted here. I wish to provide to the readers the best translation of the first book from Sister of the Nativity (1819), about all the prophetic revelations of Jesus.

You can read the Books 1-4 easily with the automatic translation of the french pages with this tool:


(JLR-1)  (JLR-2)  (JLR-3)  &  (JLR-4)

with the PDF of the texts transcribed in french (translatable) or directly in English with

(JLR-1E)  &  (JLR-4E)

including the PDF of the Book-1 and 4 translated & transcribed in English.

For downloading all the 4 books in PDF (pages scanned) : Click here

In the Book-4, p.125-126

A significant excerpt on the judgment of God on the world, for the century of 2000 :

Soeur de la Nativité - p.124 Soeur de la Nativité - p.125 Soeur de la Nativité - p.126

« I was in the presence of God. I heard a thunderous voice saying:

Woe, woe, woe in the last century!

I understood, by this powerful voice, that these misfortunes were those that would happen at the approach of judgment, and at judgment itself. I don’t say a word; and as the Lord has made known to me that no man on earth will know positively what day or what year the son of man will come down to earth to judge all men, I asked no more. »

The Sister judges, in the light of God, about when the general judgment will arrive.

« But here is what God wanted me to see in his light. I began to look in the light of God at the century which must begin in 1800; I saw by this light that the judgment was not there, and that it would not be the last century. I considered, with this same light, the century of 1900, until the end, to see positively if it would be the last. Our Lord made me known, and at the same time put me in doubt if it would be at the end of the century of 1900, or in that of 2000. But what I have seen is that if judgment arrives in the century from 1900, it will only come towards the end; and that if it passes this century, that of 2000 will not pass without it arriving, as I saw it in the light of God.»

« The sinners who will be little affected by the announcement of the judgment, because it is still distant, are called back, by the Sister, at the time of their death which is nearer.

» The sinners will console themselves, seeing that the judgment still seems a little distant, and saying: we will not see those times; we will be delivered from the misfortunes which must precede them. Poor unhappy sinners who hardly ever think of the misfortunes of eternity, and who are so afraid of those of the time, alas! if you die before you leave worldly pleasures, and before you make a good confession, what hope can you have for death? It is not the world or sin that you leave, it is the world and sin that leave you. Right now, it is true, you feel yourself absorbing and disappearing this love and the pleasure that you have in your heart. But is it by bitter contrition? is it for love of God? No. This sorrow comes from the terror of death that sinners see approaching in spite of themselves. For then they despair of being able to satisfy their pleasures from now on, and it is the memory of these past pleasures which makes them enter into despair. All that they see on earth is only capable of raging them in the heart, because everything becomes against them. »

And then this part of Book-1

Book-1 (2′ edition), page 325 and following:

Chapter: New warning signs of the last judgment:

« Then, Father, we will see redoubled earthquakes; thick darkness will spread over its surface, which will no longer have stability, but will open in a thousand places under the feet of its inhabitants; countless cities, castles, men will be swallowed up in these openings; the combined elements will shock each other dreadfully, and the virtues of the heavens will be shaken …… The fire, launched from the sky and vomited from the bowels of the earth, will join thunder and lightning, whose air will be continuously agitated and ablaze; the sea in wrath, threatening to flood the world, will cross its limits and will raise to the sky its foaming waves…

   » At the sight of so many disasters, nations will dry up in terror. However, Father, I see in God that even sinners will only be destroyed separately. God will wait for them until the last moment, and the punishment of some will give rise, through fear, to the conversion of others; and by a marvelous agreement of justice and mercy, what consumes the loss of the former will serve the salvation of the latter. They will open their eyes, do penance and return to God, while hell will be filled with the unfortunate victims that war and other plagues will have reaped…. Ah! my Father, I see them fall in as large a number as hail falls on a countryside when it is precipitated by a violent and furious storm!… »

And this short excerpt from Book-4, p. 460

    « What I do know is that Rome will perish entirely, that the Holy Father the Pope will suffer martyrdom, and that his seat will be prepared for the antichrist. But I do not yet know if this will be done a little before the antichrist by his accomplices, or by the antichrist himself, when he enters the course of his victories. »


catechism in pictures

For a complete description of the Commandments of God & the Sacraments and more, an excellent work to see and read absolutely:

– Look here, a complete page about the Catechism in Pictures, in English: Click Here

– A document in PDF made with all pages of the English edition of 1938, or completely transcribed on keyboard:

– The Catechism in Pictures – 1938 (1912) – All pages with transcribed pages, PDF: Click Here

– The Catechism in Pictures, 1938 (1912) – All Pages, PDF : Click Here

– The Catechism in Pictures, 1938 (1912) – Texts Transcribed, PDF: Click Here


– All pages in JPEG:

The Catechism in Picture (1938) – JPEG : Click Here

The original edition is presented here in a issue of 1938.

Another one, a reissue in 2008 ! Same text from the original.

Présentation Preface 20A picture-20b

This reissue in English (2008) is always available. For order, see the address of the editor in Québec, Canada, click above on the left page. Before command, contact them by phone.

Download the files, all the 68 texts and pictures !

– For the files to download: Click Here

In the second part of this book, many more pages like this one:




A Day of Saint Anne at Québec – July 21, 2011

Extraido 21 Julio 2011-b

Saint Anne is the most powerful saint in Heaven, after her daughter Mary, and before Saint Joseph ! Saint Anne is in fifth place at Heaven ! 

Video clip

Deux vitrails Lévis

Don’t forget Saint Joachim, the father of the Virgin Mary. He is in 7th, just after Saint Joseph in Heaven. Read the testimonies in the special page about the help of Saint Anne & her husband Saint Joachim.

Testimonies special page:

Click here for the translated page

Or ‘Témoignages’ in the menu at the top of this page.

Saint Anne talks to Colette about the Heaven, the purgatory, the hell, and the importance to get some plenary indulgences.

2005-06-18 - Ciel, purgatoire et enfer 2005-06-18-a-2

Video clip   7min. (in french)

The text of the video is translated in English. Text in PDF:  Click here



The book ‘The Cry of Mary’ have been published in 2009, and sold out since 2014.

At left, the picture for this website.

01-couverture-25-octobre-2014 - en anglais-7   Page Couverture du volume "LE CRI DE MARIE !" - Avril 2009 2. Le dos du volume "LE CRI DE MARIE !"

(Translated in English)

The devotion of St. Ann marks deeply the history of Québec & Canada. The grand site of pilgrimage to the Basilica of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré is a sparkling example of this devotion. Many churches in Québec and Canada welcome proudly the statue of St. Ann in their sanctuary. This book puts us in contact with the personal life in which a privilege relation has developped between the Good St. Ann and Mrs. Colette Coulombe. The pages that you will read will permit you to rediscover the one that tis our Patron Saint. St. Ann takes care of Her grand children and unveils Herself to us through the intervention of Colette Coulombe as our Grand Maman of Heaven.

The book ‘The Cry of Mary’PDF file in English

First part  – Click here

Second part Click here

Saint Anne’s Retreat – September 1′, 1997

A retreat of Saint Anne of 3 days with Colette Coulombe, translated by Carmel Harrison. It was at the Church St-Louis-de-France, at Chiswick, near Mattawa, eastern Ontario in september 1997 (August 30-September 2). The conferences was filmed but without tripod… I kept the sound, it’s better like that.

Listen carefully the description of the great vision of the october 13, 1991 on the St-Lawrence river in Quebec during the night with Jesus, in the Audio-5 and the description at the door of Heaven with the saints, in Audio-6. For the message of Jesus, just look lower on this page.

Image-3 1997 Image-2 1997

1997-09-01  Retreat at Chiswick, Ontario.  Audio-1

1997-09-01  Retreat at Chiswick, Ontario.  Audio-2

1997-09-01  Retreat at Chiswick, Ontario.  Audio-3

1997-09-01  Retreat at Chiswick, Ontario.  Audio-4

1997-09-01  Retreat at Chiswick, Ontario.  Audio-5

1997-09-01  Retreat at Chiswick, Ontario.  Audio-6

1997-08-29_09-01 English-Français, Retreat at Chiswick, Ontario. (Audio Files MP3)

2004-04-15 mage

An Evening of Saint Anne, April 15′ 2004.

Video clip   7min.  (in french)

Colette says that she went in a hospital at the bedside of a man who was in a coma and lived in adultery with a woman other than his wife. Colette asked him: ‘When you will wake up, you will do coming a priest to confess your sin, and then you will return to live with your true wife. Marriage is indissoluble.’ Colette asked him to tighten just a little bit her hand as sign if he hears and understand her. She have recited for him an act of  contrition perfect. Then he began to tighten the hand of Colette during the recitation of the act of contrition. The next day, to the surprise of the nurse, he wakes up from his coma that lasted long. The first thing he asked the nurse was to do coming a priest immediately! He insist very much, and the priest came. He wanted to get confess because he didn’t want to risk to die in this state of mortal sin. Thereafter, he asked to knees his wife to take him back, but she declined. He remained deeply converted since his return to life.


8 Juin 2017 (7)c

A view of Québec city from Lévis – June 8′, 2017

I invite you to read the translated page about the Great Vision of October 13, 1991 with the message of Jesus, and the vision about the purification of the Earth, particularly on the St-Lawrence river at Québec City, Canada.

– First, in french, the page ‘Messages’  in the menu.

– For the automatic translation in English: Click here

An Evening of Saint Anne of  novembre 17, 2011:

Video extract   2min.


Saint Anne said to Colette about the future events:

« Don’t forget to tell my grandchildren that those who pray and who are with Jesus, they must not have fear. They will be protected in a special way. »

Video extract   2min.

A letter from saint Anne to the couples who live off-marriage:

Click here  14min. (in french)

image-5 image-6

Read the transcription of this video at the bottom of this page, or here:

The English version of  the text in PDF:  Click here

The Seal of the Precious Blood of Jesus

Seal of the Precious Blood of Jesus-1  blood-of-jesus-3x7-pictures-2400x1600

The full size, 1600 x 2400 is usefull for a good printing on photo paper 4″x6″.  Ask to a priest to bless this image printed on photo paper.



The Seal of the Precious Blood – In imitation of the Israelites marking their doors with the blood of the Paschal Lamb in order to escape the stroke of the Destroying Angel, place this stamp at the entrance to your dwelling and even on objects which you wish to preserve from loss or danger. Beg of Jesus Crucified, by the powerful virtue of His Cross and Precious Blood, to remove from you all temporal misfortune, but, above all, to keep your soul free from sin, so as to be found worthy one day, to sing forever in Heaven, the Praises of the Blood by which we were redeemed.

For more sizes of the Seal of the Precious Blood, page A3:  Click here

One who will invokes upon him my Precious Blood will be washed of their sins, cleansed in his soul and his body, and he will benefit from the salvation of God.

The complete message in PDF:   Click here


A powerful prayer about the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

Sainte Gertrude-b  Prière de sainte Gertrude - anglais

Our Lord told St. Gertrude the Great that the following prayer would release 1,000 souls from purgatory each time it is said.

Eternal Father, I offer You the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, for those in my own home and in my family. Amen.

The oil of Saint Anne:

34-L'huile de sainte Anne (1)

The oil of St. Anne, an amazing surprise !

image-2-2008  Témoignage-1

Father Michel Rodrigue tells what happened with the oil of St. Anne bottle while Colette was the anointing oil, July 30, 1997 at the Church of St. Gertrude of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario.

During the anointing oil at the end of the Evening of Saint Anne at the St Gertrude Church July 30, 1997 at Smooth Rock Falls in Ontario, Canada, there were more than 500 people who were in line. The priest, Michel Rodrigue was next to Colette and applied the small miraculous statue of St. Anne on the heart of all people who received the anointing oil. Michel saw that the oil bottle was almost empty. Michel advises Colette… but Colette says that she does not care about that, and she let to do Saint Anne herself about her oil, to take care of that. Then suddenly he saw the oil bottle filling itself, nearly full, miraculously at the ¾, he said. Michel Rodrigue was in shock, he was amazed ! A lady in front of Colette also witnessed the event!

Many healings have happened with the St. Anne anointing oil, but this was the first time anyone saw the bottle fill alone. Since then, she has never failed to oil. A miraculous sign that clearly indicates the presence of Saint Anne in this mission, and recalls the story of the widow of Zarephath in the Bible.

Colette & Michel Rodrigue testify to what they saw.

Video (Testimonies):  Click here   10min.

The text of the testimony in English:  Click here


For those who want to listen a conference of Fr. Michel Rodrigue, recorded in two parts on October 27th 2018:

Fr. Michel Rodrigue morning talk- 1st NJ Marian Conference – Oct 27th 2018 movie

Fr. Michel Rodrigue afternoon talk- 1st NJ Marian Conference – Oct 27th 2018 movie

A gift from Heaven !

The chaplet & the holy rosary

Chapelet de Garabandal - en anglais

Locution of Saint Anne at Garabandal, Spain, April 12, 2000 at night:

« Say the Rosary with much fervor and without distraction. »

Grandma Saint Anne came to bring me a little pink and very shiny chaplet while I was reading a chapter on the Eucharist. I felt myself touched and after a whirlwind, I found close to me this fine gift from Heaven. She said to me: ‘ On account of My Daughter Mary who presented Herself on this mountain, I give you this chaplet in telling you: « do not search for manifestation, you have Jesus alive with you and also My Daughter Mary. I am there with you to help you, to take you through the trials of life! Say the Rosary with much fervor and without distraction. You must teach it to your families before giving it to them. Continue these pilgrimages that bring back many peoples in the right path. The prayer and sacrifices that you do, go directly to the Father’s heart. I will intercede to my Grandson Jesus for your projects to materialize. Have this Rosary bless by your priest. » The next day, when father Michel blessed it, a lot of golden dust was on his hand. What a present from Heaven. Alleluia!


An exceptional documentary of 22 min. about the apparitions on the Virgin Mary at San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain (1961-1965)

The Story of Garabandal – English – 2nd Edition: Click Here

A remarkable sign !

Jean-Jacques-Olier-1608-1657-portrait-anonyme-XVIIe-siècle-photo-JLL-11 Michel Rodrigue

Portrait of Jean-Jacques Olier (1608-1657), founder of the Society of Saint-Sulpice & father Michel Rodrigue.

Jean-Jacques Olier on Wikipedia:  Clic Here

Michel tells a very particular fact that he lived with Colette. In 1999, Michel was celebrating a Mass at Colette. He wanted to have a statue of Saint Anne and he had not yet. He knew that Colette had several. At the end of the Mass, after Communion Michel in prayer asking to Jesus and Saint Anne to inspire Colette to give him a statue of St. Anne, without asking openly to Colette ! This is a command that Michel did like that. Then the expectable happened ! Colette had a locution. She heards a man’s voice that she did not recognize, what is unusual. She pronounces the name that she heards, a name that she does not know at all, ‘Jean-Jacques Olier’. Then she went to get a statue of St. Anne and gave it to Michel ! Michel recognized immediatly this name that she heard and pronounced. Jean-Jacques Olier is the name of its founder, because he is a Sulpician himself. The invisible world is close to us, and Colette is well connected. Communion at this moment as well as the communication was concrete ! So Michel had a clear evidence that Colette could not invent everything. See the testimony of Michel in french.

Father Michel Rodrigue, in french:  Clic here

Images of the relic of Saint Anne.

These are images of my Little medal relic that Saint Anne left on my kitchen table on the 26th of July 1993. Have them printed on photo paper and be blessed by a priest. Plastify one image to protect it from the sweat of the body. Put this image of the relic, face down where you are asking for healing. Keep it there and pray to Saint Anne in your own words. She will intercede for you to Jesus, according to God’s will. It is Jesus that heales. Healings and favours obtained are opportunities to give testimony and glory to God. It is a nice way to give thanks to him because through the testimonies many people can convert and souls, be saved. You can send me your healing testimony by writing.

Colette Coulombe, privileged of Saint Anne.


For printing on photo paper 4″x6″.

Ask to a priest to bless this image printed on photo paper.

Prière en anglais-1  Prière en anglais-2

catechism in pictures

For a complete description of the Commandments of God & the Sacraments, an excellent work to see and read absolutely:

The Catechism in Pictures (first edition-1912) & PDF: Click Here

26a Catechism in Pictures  26b

There are visible differences in the texts between these two editions. The more recent edition in color seems to present an update of the first English edition of 1912. It is very interesting to compare the text of the two editions, but the original edition is in French and dates from 1908.


The Catechism in Pictures (later edition)

picture-26a   picture-26b   

8. The Decalogue is just as much binding on us as it was on the Israelites, for Christ Himself says: If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. (Matt. 19;17)

picture-57a   picture-57b  57b

 The Judgment – Text & image-57

picture-17a  picture-17b  17b

The Hell – Text & picture-17

  1. Hell is a place of torment where the damned are excluded from the sight of God and burn with the demons in unquenchable fire.
  2. Those who die in mortal sin go to hell.
  3. There can be no doubt that the sufferings of the damned will never cease, for Christ Himself has said that at the last judgment, the wicked will be condemned to burn in everlasting fire. (Matt. 25; 41) He repeated no less than three times that hell is where ‘their worm (which devours them) dieth not, and the fire (in which they burn) is not extinguished.’ (Mark 9; 45) God as judge has made these sufferings terrible, because his justice is infinite.


Listen these videos, A testimony about the hell and the Paradise. In English, subtitled in french for the next one.

Mario Martinez – Scariest hell testimony !

And the next:

Mario Martinez – His testimony about the Paradise (following the video about hell).

Or all in the same video, longer and complete. Click here



 The Eucharist

picture-20a  picture-20b  20b

Text & picture-20

The Ninth Commandment

picture-47a  picture-47b  47b

If you see some mistakes in the translation anywhere, just contact to me. Thanks !

Claude Samson

adresse courriel


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