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Catechism in Pictures

Catechism in Pictures (1912) in English (Cat-4A) / (Cat-4A-1) (Cat-4B-1)

See specific pages in french (1908), portuguese (1910) or spanish:

French (Cat-5) (Cat-3) (Cat-2) / Portuguese (Cat-6A) (Cat-2B) / Spanish (Cat-2C)


PDF: English – Français – Português:

– Catechism in Pictures (1912) – Texts scanned & transcribed, PDF: Click Here

– Catéchisme en Images (1908) – Textes numérisés & transcrits, PDF: Cliquez ici

– Catecismo Ilustrado (1910) – Textos digitalizados e transcritos, PDF: Clique aqui

To download another version in PDF, all pages of the English edition of 1938:

– The Catechism in Pictures, 1938 (1912) – All Pages, PDF : Click Here

– The Catechism in Pictures, 1938 (1912) – Texts Transcribed, PDF: Click Here

– For downloading all the pages of the Catechism (1938) in JPEG: Click Here

– For downloading all the 68 texts (2008) and pictures in colors : Click Here

The texts of 1938 (1912) in the middle, and the reissue of 2008 at right, are exactly the same texts from the original (1912), translated from the french (1908) at left:

20a  20a Catechism in Pictures  20A

(For another reissue (2008) with the original text and available on order, look at the Bottom of this page.)


The same document, in French (Cat.-2): Cliquez ici

– Catéchisme en Images (1908) –  PDF : Click Here


– Catéchisme en Images, avec texte à l’écran, PDF & images couleurs. (Cat.-5): Cliquez ici

– Catéchisme en Images (1908) (Cat.-2) : Cliquez ici

– Catéchisme en Images (1908-1978) (Cat.-3) : Cliquez ici

– Catechism in Pictures (2013) (Cat.-4B) – Texts modified : Click here

– Catecismo Ilustrado (1910), en Portugais. (Cat.-6): Cliquez ici

– Catecismo Ilustrado, adapté en espagnol (Cat.-2C): Cliquez ici


– For downloading the two English editions (1912 & 2013), in JPEG: Click here



Also adaptated, texts transcribed: (Cat-4A-1 to Cat-4A-4)

A-1 Catechism in Pictures, pages 01 to 15: Click here
A-2 Catechism in Pictures, pages 16 to 32: Click here
A-3 Catechism in Pictures, pages 33 to 49: Click here
A-4 Catechism in Pictures, pages 50 to 66: Click here



00-Couverture-2   0-1-Couverture

First English edition published in 1912.                          Original French, first edition in 1908.



0-1 Catechism in Pictures   0-2 Catechism in Pictures 0-3 Catechism in Pictures   0-4 Catechism in Pictures 0-5 Catechism in Pictures

– Pictures 1 to 3       Introductory & the Apostles’ Creed, Article 1.

Text PDF-1                               Text PDF-2                              Text PDF-3

1a Catechism in Pictures 1b   2a Catechism in Pictures 2b  3a Catechism in Pictures 3b

– Pictures 4.0 to 4.2       Apostles’ Creed, Articles 2 & 3.

Text PDF-4.0                            Text PDF-4.1                            Text PDF-4.2

4.0a Catechism in Pictures 4.0b   4.1a Catechism in Pictures 4.1b   4.2a Catechism in Pictures 4.2b

– Pictures 5 to 7       Apostles’ Creed, Articles 4 & 5.

Text PDF-5                               Text PDF-6                               Text PDF-7

5a Catechism in Pictures 5b   6a Catechism in Pictures 6b   7a Catechism in Pictures 7b

– Pictures 8 to 10       Apostles’ Creed, Articles 6 & 7.

Text PDF-8                               Text PDF-9                               Text PDF-10

8a Catechism in Pictures 8b   9a Catechism in Pictures 9b   10a Catechism in Pictures 10b

– Pictures 11 à 13       Apostles’ Creed, Articles 9 & 10.

Text PDF-11                             Text PDF-12                             Text PDF-13

11a Catechism in Pictures 11b   12a Catechism in Pictures 12b   13a Catechism in Pictures 13b

– Pictures 14 à 16      Apostles’ Creed, Articles 10, 11 & 12.

Text PDF-14                             Text PDF-15                             Text PDF-16

14a Catechism in Pictures 14b   15a Catechism in Pictures 15b   16a Catechism in Pictures 16b

– Pictures 17 to 19       Apostles’ Creed, Article 12, Grace, the Sacraments & the Baptism.

Text PDF-17                             Text PDF-18                             Text PDF-19

17a Catechism in Pictures 17b   18a Catechism in Pictures 18b   19a Catechism in Pictures 19b

– Pictures 20 to 22       The Eucharist, Confirmation & Penance.

Text PDF-20                             Text PDF-21                            Text PDF-22

20a Catechism in Pictures 19b  21a Catechism in Pictures 21b   22a Catechism in Pictures 22b

– Pictures 23 to 25       Extreme Unction, Holy Orders & Matrimony.

Text PDF-23                              Text PDF-24                            Text PDF-25

23a Catechism in Pictures 23b   24a Catechism in Pictures 24b   25a Catechism in Pictures 25b

– Pictures 26 to 28       The Commandments of God in General & the First One.

Text PDF-26                              Text PDF-27                             Text PDF-28

26a Catechism in Pictures 26b   27a Catechism in Pictures 27b   28a Catechism in Pictures 28b

– Pictures 29 to 31       The Commandments of God, the Second.

Text PDF-29                              Text PDF-30                            Text PDF-31

29a Catechism in Pictures 29b   30a Catechism in Pictures 30b   31a Catechism in Pictures 31b

– Pictures 32 to 34       The Commandments of God, the Third & Fourth.

Text PDF-32                            Text PDF-33                              Text PDF-34

32a Catechism in Pictures 32b  33a Catechism in Pictures 33b   34a Catechism in Pictures 34b

– Pictures 35 to 37       The Commandments of God, the Fourth.

Text PDF-35                             Text PDF-36                              Text PDF-37

35a Catechism in Pictures 35b   36a Catechism in Pictures 36b   37a Catechism in Pictures  37b


– Pictures 38 to 40       The Commandments of God, the Fifth.

Text PDF-38                              Text PDF-39                             Text PDF-40

38a Catechism in Pictures 38b   39a Catechism in Pictures 39b   40a Catechism in Pictures 40b

– Pictures 41 to 43       The Commandments of God, the Sixth & Seventh.

Text PDF-41                             Text PDF-42                              Text PDF-43

41a Catechism in Pictures 41b   42a Catechism in Pictures 42b   43a Catechism in Pictures 43b


– Pictures 44 to 46       The Commandments of God, the Eighth.

Text PDF-44                             Text PDF-45                              Text PDF-46

44a Catechism in Pictures 44b   45a Catechism in Pictures 45b   46a Catechism in Pictures 46b

– Pictures 47 to 49       The Commandments of God, the Ninth & Tenth.

Text PDF-47                              Text PDF-48                            Text PDF-49

47a Catechism in Pictures 47b   48a Catechism in Pictures 48b   49a Catechism in Pictures 49b


– Pictures 50 à 52       The Commandments of the Church & the Prayer.

Text PDF-50                             Text PDF-51                              Text PDF-52

50a Catechism in Pictures 51b   51a Catechism in Pictures 50b   52a Catechism in Pictures 52b


– Images 53 à 55      The Prayer & the Four Last Things.

Text PDF-53                             Text PDF-54                              Text PDF-55

53a Catechism in Pictures 53b   54a Catechism in Pictures 54b   55a Catechism in Pictures 55b

– Pictures 56 to 58       The Four last Things & Sin.

Text PDF-56                             Text PDF-57                              Text PDF-58

56a Catechism in Pictures 56b   57a Catechism in Pictures 57b   58a Catechism in Pictures 58b


– Pictures 59 to 61       Sin.

Text PDF-59                              Text PDF-60                              Text PDF-61

59a Catechism in Pictures 59b    60a Catechism in Pictures 60b   61a Catechism in Pictures 61b


– Pictures 62 to 64       The Virtues,  Theological, Cardinal & Evangelical.

Text PDF-62                             Text PDF-63                              Text PDF-64

62a Catechism in Pictures 62b   63a Catechism in Pictures 63b   64a Catechism in Pictures 64b


– Pictures 65 to 66       Works of Mercy, Corporal.

Text PDF-65                             Text PDF-66 

65a Catechism in Pictures 65b   66a Catechism in Pictures 66b

Index to the Illustrations, to Text & Cover Back.

index illustrations - Catechism in Pictures  Index to text-1 - Catechism in Pictures  Index to text-2 - Catechism in Pictures  x-Back - Catechism in Pictures



A-1 Catechism in Pictures, pages 01 to 15: Click here
A-2 Catechism in Pictures, pages 16 to 32: Click here
A-3 Catechism in Pictures, pages 33 to 49: Click here
A-4 Catechism in Pictures, pages 50 to 66: Click here



Another one, a reissue in 2008 ! Same text from the original.

Présentation Preface 20A picture-20b

This reissue in English (2008) is always available, ($20 Can.) printed on glossy paper. For order, see the address of the editor in Québec, Canada, click above on the left page. Before command, contact them by phone:

The Family of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Editions

9, Rang 1, Wotton PQ.

Canada, J0A-1N0

(819) 828-0130


Download the files, all the 68 texts and pictures !

– For the files to download: Click Here

In the second part of this book, many more pages like this one:



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